Taming Distributed Stateful Pets With Kubernetes

So you've mastered Kubernetes for scheduling and scaling your stateless applications. Your pager has been quieter, life is good. But what about the carefully configured database clusters running on expensive dedicated infrastructure? (And the expensive sysadmin you're paying to maintain it!).

In Kubernetes, there are now many of the building blocks needed to help herd database ‘Pets’, alongside the stateless applications in your cluster. In this talk, we'll explain how we use these features, including StatefulSet and dynamic volume provisioning, to manage the lifecycle of distributed and secure Cassandra clusters for cloud and bare-metal environments with the open source project Navigator.

Building on the Kubernetes API machinery, with custom API server and controllers, a ‘Navigator’ and sidecar ‘Pilots’ codify and automate many of the processes that would previously have been performed by a database administrator. Bootstrap, scale-up and safe scale-down, health checks, load balancing and more. Learn how Navigator uses Kubernetes as its kernel to make it as easy to deploy and manage stateful systems as stateless applications.


Matthew Bates

Co-founder at UK Kubernetes Company Jetstack

Matt’s background is in solutions for the acquisition, management and exploitation of large-scale data. Since its launch, he has contributed widely to the Kubernetes project, both to the technology and to the ecosystem. He was an early employee at NoSQL startup MongoDB, and previously at...

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James Munnelly

Solutions Engineer @Jetstack

I'm a Solutions Engineer at Jetstack, which involves helping customers bend and break Kubernetes to their will. I've created a number of extensions to Kubernetes core, including cert-manager (a kube-lego successor), Navigator (DBaaS for Kubernetes), and built my own simple cloud provider for bare...

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Churchill, G flr.


Distributed Stateful Systems


KubernetesCassandraDistributed SystemsDatabase ManagementImmutable Infrastructure


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