Speaker: Kenichi Shibata

Cloud Native Architect @comparethemkt

Kenichi intially joined comparethemarket.com as an Application Architect, SME for Kubernetes laying out the roadmap for Kubernetes and Cloud Platform teams. Later on he moved into a Solution Architect role specializing in the Cloud. He has worked with big global companies like UNIQLO, Conde Nast, Mitsui Sumitomo, Beacon Fintech Platform (via Simplex).

He has over two years of Building, Running and Architecting Kubernetes based Platforms in different industries.  Furthermor,e he has more than six years of building, leading and architecting enterprise grade solutions in the cloud. He has always strived to encourage innovation and collaboration. Advocate of DevOps mentality as flexible guiding principle to apply to your organization. 

Find Kenichi Shibata at:

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