Speaker: Sherin Thomas

Senior Software Engineer @Lyft

Sherin is a Senior Software Engineer at Lyft. In her career spanning 8 years, she has worked on most parts of the tech stack, but enjoys the challenges in Data and Machine Learning the most. Most recently she has been focussed on building products that would facilitate advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through Streaming.  She is passionate about increasing the representation of women and URMs in tech and has been involved in several Diversity and Inclusion efforts at her company. She has also been sharing her work with the tech community through meetups and conference talks and has spoken at several renowned conferences such as Flink Forward, Scale by the Bay, Women Who Code etc.   In her free time she loves to read, paint or play with dogs. She the president of the Russian Hill book club based in San Francisco and also loves to organize events for her local library.

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