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Writing Better Java Unit Tests with Artificial Intelligence

Google AlphaGo uses reinforcement learning to find the best moves in the game of Go, well enough to beat world-class Go Masters. In Go there are more possible moves than atoms in the known universe, which means traditional algorithms won't work. In this webinar we'll look at how reinforcement learning's probabilistic search finds winning solutions in this situation and see how this can also be applied to writing code. Diffblue Cover works by finding unit tests that highlight bugs and regressions in the behavior of your Java code over time. You will learn how unit regression tests differ from typical unit tests, and how they are used during development and can be integrated into continuous integration pipelines. There will also be a short demonstration.


Andy Piper

VP of Engineering @Diffblue

Andy Piper is VP of Engineering at Diffblue, and was previously Head of Product Engineering at CBRE and the CTO of Push Technology Limited. Andy has more than 20 years of combined engineering and technology leadership and extensive Java experience, including time at BEA and Oracle. He holds a PhD...

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Diffblue Cover’s AI automatically writes Java unit tests that catch regressions earlier.


Tuesday Apr 5 / 02:55PM BST (50 minutes)


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