Speaker: Adam Evans

Solutions Engineering Manager @Auth0

As the Solutions Engineering Manager, Adam is responsible for managing a professional team that engages with Auth0 prospects and customers to understand their technical requirements and guide them to the most appropriate identity solution based on their requirements. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with organisations to help them design and implement solutions that address internal, external, and regulatory compliance mandates through the effective use of technology. Adam has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked for both large corporate organisations, and software security vendors. Prior to Auth0, he held senior Identity, Access, and Security roles at Micro Focus and NetIQ, a business unit of Attachmate.

Session + Live Q&A

How Identity Management can be the Foundation for Continuous Improvement


Let’s be honest, identity isn’t exactly the most interesting topic to consider when creating cool apps and services. It is very much a necessary evil for securing application access and customer data. This is where the problems tend to start because identity almost certainly received minimal focus from the outset and was only added out of necessity, with almost no thought and effort. In fact, it’s surprising how often identity services that were only ever meant to provide a temporary stop gap in development find their way into production.

Wind time forward and identity has become a drain on resources, blocker for innovation and a real pain for end users. It has also become deeply ingrained in the product making it very difficult to update or replace.

As with any application or service, there is never truly a destination and identity is no different. In this session Adam Evanswill discuss the identity journey, things to consider and how to architect for future change. This topics covered will be as follows:

  • How to choose the most appropriate approach when implementing identity
  • Deployment considerations for new and existing applications and services
  • Customer coexistence and migration
  • Integration with existing external data and services
  • How to build on a strong identity foundation and achieve a competitive edge


Wednesday Apr 6 / 02:55PM BST (50 minutes)


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