Speaker: Dapeng Wang

(He / him / his)

Software Engineer @ING

Dapeng is an enthusiastic researcher and software engineer. After working as a quantum computing engineer at Volkswagen Group ,Dapeng joined ING's blockchain team and has been working on a variety of blockchain related projects. In one of his projects, he succeeded in making Corda quantum resistant with OpenQuantumSafe, which provides a new model in this post quantum era.

Session + Live Q&A

How to Make Your Blockchain (And Regular) Apps Quantum-Resistant.

Though nobody knows when quantum computers will break current cryptography, there is undoubtedly a lot of progress in that field. In fact, over the past years Moore's law has applied to quantum computers so it seems that it is only a matter of time until today's cryptography will no longer be safe. This will have huge impact on all mission critical systems we are running today including blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Therefore, we feel that now is the time to buckle-up and prepare your systems to become quantum resistant. At ING we modified Corda distributed ledger technology to become quantum resistant and we'd like to explain you how we did that and how this affected our performance and scalability. We'll cover which NIST-candidate cryptography schemes to use to keep your systems safe. Also, we'll cover how quantum computing will affect proof-of-work based consensus algorithms and transport layer security (TLS) That means that by attending this talk you will learn how you can make blockchain, and most other mission critical systems, quantum resistant and how that will impact your performance and scalability.


Monday Apr 4 / 11:50AM BST (50 minutes)


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