Speaker: David Oded

DevOps Team Leader @Coralogix

Former DevOps team leader at Big Panda & Cisco Systems. Over 10 years of experience in DevOps and team leadership. Specializing in big data and distributed systems.

Session + Live Q&A

Scaling Kafka Streams Services to Handle Bursts

Coralogix is running it's entire infrastructure on Kubenetes. At Coralogix we are required to support throughput of 2Gbps and react to services bursts on a daily basis for all our streams applications. This is done by our Scaler - A kafka scaler operator written specifically for this purpose. The goal of the session is to provide a deep dive on how we implement it and how it exposes for the developers use. At Coralogix we are using the concept of platform features, a gitops method for allowing the developers to use infrastructure capability as part of their software delivery life cycle.

NOTE: This will be a recorded presentation. No live Q&A available.


Tuesday Apr 5 / 01:40PM BST (50 minutes)


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