Speaker: Prasenjit Sarkar

Director of Product Management @Cisco

Session + Live Q&A

Using Istio Mesh to Maintain State Across Distributed Microservices

In today’s modern applications focused enterprises, people rely on highly scalable global application deployment model. In this scenario, they tend to run the same micro services across multiple locations and provide highly available infrastructure. They want to achieve this and also wants to minimize the latency for the application traffic based on locations. Microservices on a service mesh environment bring in that flexibility. Istio service mesh helps the enterprises to maintain the same state of those micro services across different geo locations and provide reachability closer to the user’s location.

However, this gets complicated immediately when you zoom out from the application world. Complications arise when you need to maintain the Istio Mesh control planes, geo location failover mechanism of the applications and also the visualisations of how the traffic is getting routed in case of failover.

In this session, we'll go over:

1. How to deploy and maintain multi primary istio control plane across multi cloud environment

2. How to set up locality based failover across multi geo location

3. How to use service mesh manager that helps you to visualise the traffic pattern out of the box


Wednesday Apr 6 / 11:50AM BST (50 minutes)


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