Speaker: Stuart Davidson

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Tribe Lead of Production Platform @Skyscanner

I'm the Tribe Lead of Production Platform within Skyscanner where we provide a modern and scalable platform for Skyscanner to run across the globe - kinda what it says on the tin actually. Plenty of exciting challenges at serious scale - how do you operate a site for 100m unique users a month across the globe in the most efficient, most sustainable way possible? How do you keep performance up whilst keeping costs low? We've got plenty of really exciting projects going on within our tribe, like our PCI-compliant cells architecture which runs 100% on spot in AWS or our continuous deployment tooling which allows us to adapt to change quickly. It's a difficult job but I genuinely love it - every time we think we've got it nailed, it moves on us and we need to re-think.

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Session + Live Q&A

So How Do You Enable Developers?

Using experiences and anecdotes from his time leading enablement efforts at Skyscanner and other organisations over the last decade, Stuart will discuss the history, scope and role of enablement in an organisation with some insights into how you might get started or determine your next steps.


Monday Apr 4 / 10:35AM BST (50 minutes)


Churchill, G flr.


Developer Enablement - The Secret Weapon


Developer Experience


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