RSocket: Solving Real-World Architectural Challenges

It may seem surprising that a networking protocol can have such wide-ranging implications for applications are architected – but RSocket, with its unique flexibility and set of guarantees, is being used by some of the largest cloud-based companies to achieve order-of-magnitude reductions in infrastructure costs and dramatic improvements in performance and reliability.     


Developed in collaboration with Facebook, Pivotal, Netifi, Alibaba and others, RSocket is an open-source reactive networking protocol that is designed to handle the challenges of communication between complex networks of services. Based on the Reactive Streams specification, RSocket is able to handle typical request-response traffic as well as streaming data in both directions – even in the face of unreliable connections. RSocket is transport-agnostic, so it can be used with a variety of standard transports (like TCP, HTTP/2 and WebSocket) both within the data center and over the internet, extending to mobile devices and browsers.     


In this session, and Ondrej Lehecka of Facebook, Robert Roeser of Netifi and Andy Shi of Alibaba will explain the use cases for RSocket within their companies, as well as how it can be used by enterprises to simplify the way they build and operate cloud-native applications.


Robert Roeser

Co-Founder & CEO @netifi_inc

Robert Roeser is a co-founder and CEO of Netifi, where he is working to lay the groundwork for the next generation of cloud-native applications. Prior to Netifi, he was a member of the Netflix Edge Platform team that created RSocket, Hystrix and RxJava. He is one of the original developers of...

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Andy Shi

Developer Advocate @AlibabaGroup

Andy is a developer advocate for Alibaba group. He is mainly focused on Service Mesh and middleware technologies. He was a developer advocate for IBM before joining Alibaba, where he worked on various Cloud Native projects. He has many years of experience as a cloud infrastructure and virtual...

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Ondrej Lehecka

Software Engineer @Facebook

Ondrej is a software engineer in Facebook. He is focusing on infrastructure for distributed systems. Ondrej is one of the main contributors to the RSocket C++ implementation released on Github. He advocated for the RSocket application protocol adoption inside of Facebook and shipped it along with...

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