Designing a Real-Time Global Sportsbook (From Scratch!)

Have you ever found yourself working on an established product and secretly wishing you could start it all again from scratch? Given the chance to pick from modern languages, platforms and technologies, how would you design your dream architecture?    

12 months ago we were given this opportunity when we were tasked with taking our experience scaling into a product that easily supported 25K bets per minute and starting a brand new sports betting product from scratch. The big difference, this time we are rolling out our product globally.    

This talk will look at the lessons we've learned from building and operating for the UK market and how we're building our new global product using technologies such as Kotlin, Kafka, RSocket and ReactJS. We'll look at our requirements to build systems to support low-latency, high throughput trading right through to real-time, personalised content for our customers and talk through the architectural patterns and technologies we have used.


Ian Thomas

Senior Principal Engineer @thestarsgroup

After The Stars Group purchased Sky Betting & Gaming in 2018, Ian was one of the first technical members to join the newly founded Group Sports & Trading Platforms (GSTP) tribe and has been instrumental in designing the architecture and software that will power Sky Bet international, Fox...

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