Introduction to SQL++ for Big Data: Same Language, More Power

The most popular databases in the world all speak SQL, and almost 60% of Stack Overflow members use SQL. SQL is the query language that dominates when it comes to interacting with data. Data has changed since the 1970s; it’s no longer just stored in flat tables, but as rich, hierarchical object structures like JSON. SQL isn’t dead though, it just needed to evolve a little bit. In this session, you’ll learn about the next iteration of SQL: SQL++. Born from a UCSD research project, SQL++ is backwards-compatible and can work with heterogeneous data, with or without schemas and indexing. It is still the readable, declarative, highly composable language that you’re used to, but with extra super-powers. This session will focus on the enhancements that SQL++ brings, will show some of the databases that are already implementing it (including Couchbase, AsterixDB, Drill), and guidance on why and when to use it. You will enter with SQL skills and leave with big data skills.


Denis Wilson Souza Rosa

Senior Developer Advocate @Couchbase

Speaker and Developer Advocate at Couchbase, he started programming even before the college and never stopped coding since then. He is a Java & NoSQL specialist, open-source contributor, and an enthusiast of Microservices & DevOps

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