Fast and Efficient Java with GraalVM and Helidon

Come to this session to learn how to build Java microservices, that start in milliseconds and have low memory footprint. In addition to better performance and resource utilization, this also allows to significantly cut costs in cloud environments. You can achieve those benefits by using GraalVM — new high-performance virtual machine, that can also compile Java code into native binaries, and Helidon — Java microservices framework, running on a fast Netty core.

In this talk we'll go through the best cases for using GraalVM and Helidon, ways to identify whether this approach will work for your project, and how to get started.


Alina Yurenko

Developer Advocate for GraalVM @Oracle

Alina is a Developer Advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research and development organization at Oracle. Coming from developer relations background, Alina now has joined the GraalVM team to work with its global community.

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Peter Nagy

Peter is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle. He has been with Oracle for over 12 years working on Java development, application servers, portals, content management, and quality management tools. Today he is responsible for Enterprise Java Development including WebLogic Java EE Application...

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Peter Nagy
Peter Nagy


Westminster, 4th flr.




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