Rampant Pragmatism: Growth and Change at Starling Bank

Dan and Martin joined a tiny team at Starling Bank in early 2016 tasked with building a bank from scratch. In hindsight that was probably the easy bit. Today as engineering leads we aim to bring just enough structure to the organisation as it grows, while keeping alive that early spirit of creativity, adventure and ownership.    

When you’re suddenly doing things you always assumed were for worrying about later - expanding from mobile-only personal banking to deliver online banking, business banking, euro and dollar accounts - how do you bring that confidence of youth into maturity?    

The answer lies in our technology, our architecture and our approach to data. We will touch on relational theory, functional relational programming and self contained systems; explain our approach to complexity; and show how they inform the design of many parts of our system, including the ledger and our web stack.


Daniel Osborne

Web Technology Practice Lead @StarlingBank

Dan has engineered medical, musical and financial software with Java, JavaScript and a light dusting of Clojure for 15 years.Since joining Starling in January 2016 he has delivered software, built and lead engineering teams and now leads the web technology practice. Most recently he has brought...

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Martin Dow

Engineering Lead for Core Banking @StarlingBank

Martin joined Starling Bank in early 2016, unable to resist the idea of building a bank from scratch. He has been navigating the far reaches of our young bank’s code base ever since and is now Engineering Lead for Core Banking. His kids believe in unicorns too.

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