Session + Live Q&A

Hone Your Tools: Building Effective & Delightful Developer Experiences

The tools that engineers use to build, test and release software are the backbone of software delivery. Continuous investment in the developer experience can lead to increased velocity and fewer errors hitting production.

This talk will go through Monzo’s early investment in Developer Tooling and how it’s evolved and continued over time. We will showcase things such as Monzo’s CLI which allows engineers to send requests to over 2,000 microservices in production and manage our entire banking platform. We will go into Monzo’s deployment/release tooling which enables engineers to ship hundreds of times a day with confidence.

We will cover visible experiences such as command line interfaces, internal web apps and the rise of developer portals (like Backstage), and touch further on concepts that work in the background such as rapid iteration / testing, static analysis and tracing / telemetry. All of these can work in tandem to build delightful developer experiences.


Suhail Patel

Staff Engineer @Monzo

Suhail is a Staff Engineer at Monzo focused on building the Core Platform. His role involves building and maintaining Monzo's infrastructure which spans nearly two thousand microservices and leverages key infrastructure components like Kubernetes, Cassandra, Etcd and more. He focuses...

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Monday Apr 4 / 11:50AM BST (50 minutes)


Churchill, G flr.


Developer Enablement - The Secret Weapon


Developer Experience

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Suhail Patel

Staff Engineer @Monzo

Soam Vasani

Software Engineer @Stripe

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