Speaker: Christian Felde

(He / him / his)

Head of Services @Web3Labs

Open Source, blockchain, 
and DeFi contributor
Experience in applying technology 
to finance for world’s largest banks
MSc in Quantitative Finance
 (Bayes Business School)
BSc in Computer Science &
Industrial Automation (University
of South-Eastern Norway)

Session + Live Q&A

Don't Fall Into the Platform Trap - How to Think About Web3 Architecture

Web3 represents a shift in information flow, putting the user in control, and is a threat to the existing Web2 platform model.

Understanding this is key to building successful Web3 services, and this talk walks you through the key differences between a Web2 and Web3 architecture model.


Wednesday Apr 6 / 01:40PM BST (50 minutes)


Abbey, 4th flr.


Enterprise Blockchain



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