Speaker: Sophie Wilson

(She / her / hers)

Co-designer of ARM & BBC Micro

Sophie M. Wilson, CBE FRS FREng, is a research fellow at Broadcom, Cambridge, UK. She designed the Acorn System 1, coding the operating system in binary before designing and implementing Acorn Assembler, Acorn MOS, and BASIC. She and Stephen Furber designed and implemented the prototype of the BBC Microcomputer — Wilson designed the operating system and designed and implemented BBC BASIC for a succession of processors. She and Furber also co-designed the ARM processor powering Acorn’s computers during the 1990s and virtually every mobile phone and tablet in the world today. She co-designed the ARM3, ARM610, and ARM700 processors and ARM7500FE single-chip computer; created Acorn Replay multimedia software; and developed the Firepath SIMD LIW processor, and then co-founded Element 14 to exploit it for ADSL.


The Future of Microprocessors

A talk about the history of microprocessors. There will be two laws, one equation, some graphs and a particle beam weapon out of Star Trek.


Monday Apr 4 / 09:00AM BST (1 hour 10 minutes)


Fleming / Whittle, 3rd fl.


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