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Adventures in JavaScript and the IoT

From installations to promote superstar DJs on trains speeding across Europe to sitting in Motorway LED billboards debugging wi-fi cards when the temperature drops below zero, our experience building for the IoT has highlighted just how unpredictable failure can be. This talk is a warts and all...

James Hall Founder/Director @Parallax
Thinking Strategically About IoT

Cool? Useful? Disruptor? All of the above? IoT is having an impact on more and more industries. As the cost of instrumenting things and collecting data drops, the possibilities for what we can control and the kind of insights we can gather increase. Not only is IoT hardware cheaper and more...

Holly Cummins Senior Software Engineer @IBM, Committer on Apache Aries
Fast, Flexible and Functional Programming With OCaml

OCaml is a fast, natively compiled programming language with imperative, object-oriented and functional features. It is over two decades old now, and is often used in niche but safety-critical areas such as formal verification (in Coq, Compcert). In recent years however, it has emerged as a...

Anil Madhavapeddy University Lecturer @Cambridge_CL (Cambridge Computer Laboratory)
Gemma Gordon Operations Director at OCaml Labs, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
The Modern Platform in 2020

We are reshaping the platforms we build around language technology. This talk introduces this new track on compilation targets with an overview of how we got to this point where programming language technology is finding its way into every technology stack. First we have performance and...

Justin Cormack Developer @Docker
The Internet of Things Might Have Less Internet Than We Thought?

While machine learning is traditionally associated with heavy duty power-hungry processors, it is beginning to look like the future of machine learning is on the edge. The ability to run trained networks “at the edge” nearer the data without access to the cloud — or in some...

Alasdair Allan Scientist/Maker/Hacker
Tasty 'Topics' for Distributed Systems

Are you struggling to pick through large amounts of real time data? Does your IoT project create vast amounts of data and you don’t know how get actionable insights quickly enough? Did you consider the publish/subscribe pattern? With some imagination, pub/sub can often provide surprisingly...

Tom Fairbairn Systems Architect @Solace


Holly Cummins Senior Software Engineer @IBM, Committer on Apache Aries

Thinking Strategically About IoT

What’s the main focus of the work you are doing today?

The IBM Bluemix Garage combines design thinking with a platform as a service and extreme programming into a whole, to allow us to solve business problems in a more lean way than is traditional. Being able to create a minimum viable product initially allows us to get something out in front of the customer to allow them to experiment and...

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