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[CANCELLED] [Cancelled] Maze Runner: Navigate Reinforcement Learning w/ Java

Lost and alone, our abandoned Java robot is forced to find its way through a series of rooms that all look the same. How can we help it? What algorithms can we use?


Reinforcement learning can help us, using one easy* algorithm and a lot of repetition. This talk will focus on getting the robot to learn how to find it's way out of any maze, and look at what else we can do with reinforcement learning: the shy, less popular cousin of deep learning.




Katharine Beaumont

Software developer

  Katharine is a software developer who has embarked on postgraduate studies in Machine Learning and AI. Having worked on medical software, Big Data and complex event processing, web development and machine learning, she has given a number of conference talks on her experiences in the...

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Windsor, 5th flr.


Leading Edge Backend Languages


Machine LearningAutonomous VehiclesDeep Learning*-lang


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C++ for Real Time Communications in the Cloud

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Thiya Ramalingam

Head of Platforms, Product Integrations, Private Cloud and Partnerships @Zoom

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Stephen Klabnik

Rust Core Team

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From Rocks to Rust: Our C to Rust Paradigm Shift

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Esther Momcilovic

Software Engineer at Metaswitch Networks

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Fast, Flexible and Functional Programming With OCaml

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Anil Madhavapeddy

University Lecturer @Cambridge_CL (Cambridge Computer Laboratory)

Gemma Gordon

Operations Director at OCaml Labs, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

UNCONFERENCE + Live Q&A Open Space

Languages Open Space


Building a Reliable Cloud Based Bank in Java

How does a start-up build a mobile only bank in the cloud that is reliable, scalable, and has a rapidly growing number of features using Java? This talk will focus on the server side implementation of Starling Bank and will show how, even though Java is over two decades old, it can still be used...

Jason Maude

Lead Engineer @StarlingBank

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