People Are More Complex Than Computers

Equal Experts is a consultancy founded and run by software people. We try to take the principles we use when building products and apply them to building a company. In just over a decade we’ve grown to an 1300 person network with many great clients. We’ve learned that there are some cultural challenges you can successfully apply an engineering mindset to, but some things are harder than they first appear! Join me to learn about how we’re trying to be a different sort of company. We’re challenging traditional ways of working; we question the standard practices of hierarchical management, performance appraisals, approvals, annual budgets, etc. Instead, we’re using concepts like iterative, user-centred design, microservices, ‘devops’, monitoring and alerting and plenty of other buzzwords du jour to try to create a better place to work.


Mairead O'Connor

Partner and Engagement Manager @EqualExperts

Mairead is a member of the Equal Experts leadership team and is responsible for managing relationships with some of Equal Expert's largest clients. She works with high-performing software development teams to effectively solve business problems by delivering sustainable, maintainable...

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Building and Scaling a High-Performance Culture

As the research in Accelerate and in the DevOps Handbook shows, high-performing organizations deliver more rapidly, more repeatably, and more reliably. And far more important than any tool or technology, it is the culture that differentiates a nimble and innovative organization from a lumbering...

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Variety: The Secret of Scale

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Congratulations! You've just got off the phone with the recruiter and you got the job. You can't wait to start and show them what a great engineer you are. This is the opportunity you've been looking for. You love the position, you've met the team and you understand the...

Mike McGarr

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Ian Robins


Why Culture Change Can Blow Up in Your Face, and How to Prevent It

Ever wondered why changing culture is so difficult?  And why anyone trying to turn culture around can rapidly burnout?  Or why every work culture eventually seems to degrade and dysfunction over time?  Are you wanting to make a change to culture but want to avoid the usual...

Katherine Kirk

Independent Consultant - Transformation in Tech

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