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Scribe: The 15-Year Evolution of Meta’s Data Transport Service

Meta's hardware infrastructure comprises millions of machines, all of which generate data. The overall traffic generated reaches several petabytes every hour, while its processing typically takes place somewhere other than where it was originally generated. The task of collecting, aggregating, and delivering this traffic volume (with low latency and high throughput) requires a systematic approach. This talk will go through the architectural evolution of Scribe, a data transport service that encapsulates all the complexity behind moving data from point A to point B in streaming fashion.


Manos Karpathiotakis

Software Engineer @Meta

Manos is a software engineer at Meta, where he has worked on Scribe - Meta's data transport service - for the past four years.He obtained a PhD from EPFL, focusing on efficient ways to query heterogeneous data through the use of techniques such as runtime code generation and GPGPU data...

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Vlassios Rizopoulos

Production Engineer @Meta

Vlassios is a production engineer at Meta, where he is working on Scribe - Meta's data transport service.He has a passion in managing large data focused infrastructures and for more than 15 years, he has been focusing on both for analytical and transactional systems.Prior to Meta he help a...

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Monday Apr 4 / 04:10PM BST (50 minutes)


Fleming, 3rd flr.


Architectures You've Always Wondered About




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