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An immutable infrastructure is another infrastructure paradigm in which servers are never modified after they're deployed. If something needs to be updated, fixed, or modified in any way, new servers built from a common image with the appropriate changes are provisioned to replace the old ones. After they're validated, they're put into use and the old ones are decommissioned.

Developing High Performing Teams, in The Center for Organization Design. Retrieved 2/24/2018. http://www.centerod.com/developing-high-performance-teams/

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Optimising for Fast Flow in Norway's Largest Bureaucracy

One of the key success factors for fast flow in modern software services is alignment: alignment between mission objectives and domain terminology, alignment between domain terminology and engineering teams, alignment between engineering teams and software architecture, and so on. NAV...

Audun Fauchald Strand Principal Engineer @NAV
Truls Jørgensen Principal Engineer @NAV
Observability for Speed & Flow

When we want to go fast, it helps to see what we are doing.When we design team and departmental processes, we want to know what’s happening in the software teams. We want to see danger points and obstacles we could smooth. It’s tempting to ask people to fill more fields in JIRA, but...

Jessica Kerr Principal Developer Evangelist @honeycombio
Optimising for Speed & Flow Panel

How do we join the dots between optimising for fast flow and a good engineering culture? How does a good engineering culture help organisations to sense and adapt? What technical and social practices does a good engineering culture need? What do we even mean by ‘a good engineering...

Emily Webber Agile Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author of Building Successful Communities of Practice
Victoria Morgan-Smith Director of Delivery for Engineering Enablement @FinancialTimes
Richard James Ways of Working Enablement Leader @Nationwide Building Society
Nick Tune Principal Consultant and Author
Sustaining Fast Flow with Socio-Technical Thinking

It's easy to achieve fast flow at the start of a new project, especially with a fresh new codebase. But why does flow always seem to get slower and slower over time? Business stakeholders are asking for two new text boxes to be added to a web page, and they are gobsmacked when the developers...

Nick Tune Principal Consultant and Author

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