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Modern API Development and Deployment, From API Gateways to Sidecars

Knowing what data and services are available in your business can be challenging. Getting access to all of them in an easy, consistent, secure way is even harder. Maybe you've been using an api gateway to try to bring them all together in one place, but it doesn't feel like quite the right fit? In this talk, Matt will show a modern approach to designing, implementing, and documenting APIs using dedicated tooling. He'll then show how to deploy them in a decentralised environment that has all the good parts of an api-gateway solution and offers even more.


Matt Turner

Site Reliability Engineer @MarshallWace

Matt is an SRE at Marshall Wace, a London asset manager. Matt's team is responsible for infrastructure, on-prem and public-cloud, security, and developer experience. Marshall Wace's platform has it all - old and new, Kubernetes and Kerberos. Matt has done Dev, sometimes with added Ops,...

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Tuesday Apr 5 / 02:55PM BST (50 minutes)


Fleming, 3rd flr.


Building and Evolving APIs


APIService Mesh

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Phil Estes

Principal EngineerĀ @AWS, Containerd Maintainer, & Technical Oversight Board of OCI

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Matt Turner

Site Reliability Engineer @MarshallWace

Liz Rice

Chief Open Source Officer @Isovalent

Phil Estes

Principal EngineerĀ @AWS, Containerd Maintainer, & Technical Oversight Board of OCI

Daniel Mangum

Software Engineer @Upbound & Crossplane Maintainer

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Matthew Clark

Head Of Architecture for the @BBC's Digital Products

Paul Caporn

Lead Technical Architect, TV and Radio @BBC

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