Better Serverless Computing With WebAssembly

About 10 years ago Fastly was founded with the goal of bringing developer's applications as close to users as possible.In this talk you'll see why WebAssembly is the next big step on our journey to computing at the edge. Learn about our edge computing platform, Compute@Edge, and upcoming...

William Overton Senior Serverless Solutions Architect @Fastly
What's Next for Rust and WebAssembly

Most people have heard of Rust, due to the vibrant and happ[y community around the language, exemplified by it having held the top spot as the 'most loved' language in the Stack Overflow developer survey for the past six years. However, few of us get the chance to use this delightful...

Luca Palmieri Principal Engineer @TrueLayer
William Overton Senior Serverless Solutions Architect @Fastly
Lily Mara Engineering Manager @OneSignal
Rob Pilling Lead Developer @Scott_Logic

Past Presentations

Build Your Own WebAssembly Compiler

For more than 20 years JavaScript has been the only 'native' language of the web. That's all changed with the release of WebAssembly. In the coming years, you'll see people writing web apps in Rust, C#, C++ and all manner of other languages. But just what is WebAssembly? And...

Colin Eberhardt CTO @Scott_Logic
WebAssembly (And the Death of JavaScript?)

JavaScript brought interactivity to the web more than 20 years ago, and despite numerous challengers, it is still the only language supported by browser. However, as those 20 years have passed we've moved from adding a little interactivity to largely static sites, to creating complex...

Colin Eberhardt CTO @Scott_Logic


Colin Eberhardt CTO @Scott_Logic

WebAssembly (And the Death of JavaScript?)

What is the focus of your work today?

I’m the Technology Director of Scott Logic, a UK-based consultancy that provides bespoke software solutions for our financial services clients. The main focus of my day-to-day work is meeting with clients, understanding their problems, and finding ways in which they can capitalise on new tools and technologies.

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