There and Back Again: Our Rust Adoption Journey

The introduction of a new programming language is a significant undertaking with long-term implications — a choice not to be taken lightly. TrueLayer's main business is not system programming, yet we decided to bet on Rust. Why? How?During the talk we will walk through our adoption...

Luca Palmieri Principal Engineer @TrueLayer
Blazing Fast, Minimal Change - Speed Up Your Code by Refactoring to Rust

In order to improve the performance of existing applications and services, we can identify the most performance-critical pieces and reimplement them in Rust as opposed to completely rewriting the applications from scratch.It’s tempting when we hear about a new technology or language to want...

Lily Mara Engineering Manager @OneSignal

Past Presentations

Rust 2018: An Epoch Release!

This year is going to see the most important release since Rust 1.0. In this talk, Steve will talk about where Rust is now, what new features are coming down the pipeline, how it's all being managed, and how this affects Rust's development in the future - and why this is all very exciting!

Stephen Klabnik Rust Core Team
From Rocks to Rust: Our C to Rust Paradigm Shift

A leader in cloud native communications software, Metaswitch has recently chosen Rust as its preferred language. Fine and dandy on the face of it, but what has that actually been like for a developer working ‘on the coal face’? I studied the history of geology prior to working for...

Esther Momcilovic Software Engineer at Metaswitch Networks


Esther Momcilovic Software Engineer at Metaswitch Networks

From Rocks to Rust: Our C to Rust Paradigm Shift

Tell me about the work that you're doing today.

We're working on bringing to cloud an existing project for one of our clients. It involves a lot of work with products that are quite old, 20 years old, that were written in C, and we're turning a lot of these old products into microservices, containerising them, looking to get the whole system up and working in the cloud for our...

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