Workshop: Debugging Microservices Applications

Location: Westminster, 4th flr.

Duration: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: Beginner

Key Takeaways

  • How to use metrics and distributed tracing effectively
  • Reliability patterns like retries, timeouts, and circuit breaking
  • How to leverage Canary deployments
  • How you can effectively debug distributed systems


  • Understanding of Microservices and Kubernetes concepts.
  • The workshop environment is hosted online.
  • The workshop requires you to have no tools installed and can be run 100% in a Web browser. Please bring your laptop with a modern browser like the latest edition of chrome, devices like Android tablets and iPads, anything without a trackpad, or mouse or devices with a screen smaller than 12" might not be suitable for the workshop.

Building microservices applications introduces more complexity into our architecture. What we gain in speed of delivery is a new challenge: failure modes are harder to anticipate, discover and resolve.  

Highly distributed applications on elastic, ephemeral infrastructure that communicate heavily over the network makes for an environment where an application is always in a fluid, partially failing state at all times. To help our developers transition from the “monolithic” way of designing and building software to a more service-oriented approach, we need to bridge the gap in tooling to help diagnose and understand what a “normal state” looks like and how to recover from a “non-normal” state.  

In this workshop, we introduce the audience to the types of failures that can occur, namely networking, application behavior/code, storage, etc and present a systemic workflow for prodding and exploring a system to detect faults and abnormal behavior.

Speaker: Nic Jackson

Developer Advocate @HashiCorp

Nic Jackson is a developer advocate at HashiCorp and the author of “Building Microservices in Go” a book which examines the best patterns and practices for building microservices with the Go programming language. Additionally, Nic is writing “Vault in Action” with his co-author Anubhav Mishra, a book which discusses operational and application security using the popular open source HashiCorp Vault, due to be published 2020.

Find Nic Jackson at


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