Workshop: Tech Lead Skills for Developers

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Day of week: Friday

Level: Intermediate


Participants should have been writing software in teams for a minimum of three years and may or may not have played a leadership role. No laptops will be necessary.

What is it? A training course for Tech Leads by Tech Leads. This course focuses on technical leadership skills for Tech Leads through discussion, theory and practical exercises opposed to general leadership skills for Tech Leads. We explore the unique combination of skills and experiences that distinguish a “Tech Lead” from a “Leader working in a technical environment.”

Who’s it for? A combination between a developer about to lead their first development team, or a Tech Lead for an existing team. This course will be most useful for those with the opportunity to apply their learnings immediately, or to experiences they can relate to.

What will participants learn?

  • What the breadth of the Tech Lead role encompasses
  • Why the Tech Lead role is necessary
  • What makes the Tech Lead unique from other leadership roles
  • What a Technical Vision is and how to shepherd a team towards a Technical Vision
  • Why Cross Functional Requirements matter
  • How to identify and manage Cross Functional Requirements
  • Leadership skills that will make you more effective as a Technical Leader

Speaker: Patrick Kua

Tech Leader, former CTO/Chief Scientist

Patrick Kua is a seasoned technology leader with almost 20 years of experience. His personal passion is accelerating the growth and success of tech organisations and technical leaders. He has had many years of hands-on experience, leading, managing and improving complex organisations and software systems as the CTO and Chief Scientist of N26 and as a Technical Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He is a frequent keynote and conference speaker, author of three books including The Retrospective Handbook, Talking with Tech Leads and Building Evolutionary Architectures and runs the “Level Up” newsletter for leaders in tech. You can find him online on twitter as @patkua or running his very popular “Tech Lead Skills for Developers” workshop around the world.

Find Patrick Kua at


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