Restoring Confidence in Microservices: Tracing That's More Than Traces

For software development at scale, confidence is everything. A few years back, we lost confidence in our velocity, so we moved to microservices to allow our teams to deploy without talking to each other. It worked! Too well. And now we are faced with an even graver crisis of confidence: nobody understands what's happening in production!  We've all heard that distributed traces should be involved with the solution here, and yet most distributed tracing implementations do little more than shed some light on slow requests. In this talk, we'll rethink distributed tracing in terms of the most vital organizational problems that microservices introduced, and we'll make the case that distributed tracing should be about much more than distributed traces.


Ben Sigelman

Co-Founder @LightStepHQ & Co-Creator Dapper & @OpenTracing API Standard

Ben Sigelman is the CEO and co-founder of LightStep, co-creator of Dapper (Google’s distributed tracing tool that helps developers make sense of their large-scale distributed systems), and co-creator of the open-source OpenTracing API standard (a project within the CNCF).

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Fleming / Whittle, 3rd flr. & Simulcast in Abbey, 4th flr.





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